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Lose Control Julia Thanos Video

Tippin‘ It Up Gary O'Reilly Video

Fun To Drink With Maggie Shipley Video

Want You Gone! Trude Darlene Video

Sweet Sweet Smile Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step Video

That Man Doug & Jackie Miranda Video

Stand By Me Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk Video

Sexy Mona Lisa Niels Poulsen Video

Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights Ivonne Verhagen Video

Honey Bunch Ria Vos Video

Be A Better Man José Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk Video

She‘s A Natural (Country Girl) Jonno Liberman Video

We‘re Are Good To Go Rob Fowler Video

Hey Old Lover Trude Dalene Video

Who I Am Judy Brannon Video

Eyes For You Jo Thompson Szymanski Video

Mr Dee Jay Dee Musk Video

Bad Habits EZ Alison Johnstone Video

Wellerman AB Julie Snailham Video

Jersey Boys Gary Lafferty Video

Tennessee Waltz Surprise Andy Chumbley Video

Got A Hole In My Pocket Rosie Multrari & Jo Thompson Szymanski Video

Good Feelings Fred Whitehouse Video

I'll Go With You Amy Bailey Video

Graffiti Baby Julie Snailham Video

I Close My Eyes Hazel Pace Video

Hold The Line Arnaud Marraffa Video

A Little Shotgun Dorte Carlsen Video

IF I BACK IT UP NOW (Whatcha Gonna Do) Ira Weisburd & Raymond Sarlemijn Video

Mamma Mia! Why Me? Lee Hamilton Video

Bella Ciao Astrid Kaeswurm Video

Coastin’ Tina & Ray Yeoman Video

Damn! (contra) Hana Ries Video

Save Me Tonight Maggie Gallagher Video

Down On Your Uppers Gary O'Reilly Video

My Blue Tree Gary O'Reilly Video

Say Hey Ingrind Kann Video

Sweet Caroline Darren Bailey Video

Love You More Darren Bailey & Amy Glass Video

Pretty Little Galway Girl Hayley Wheatley Video

I'm Free Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Jill Babinec Video

Stealing The Best Rosie Multari Video

Darling Stand By Me Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Video

Mountains To The Sea Maggie Gallagher Video

Baby Belle Gaye Teather Video

Walk Right Back Rosalee Musgrave Video

Won't Back Away D. Bailey, F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat & R. Verdonk Video

Shout Shout Yvonne Zielonka Video

I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Amy Christian Video

Traveling Wanderer unknown Video

Black Coffee Helen O'Malley Video

Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris Video

Swingin' Thing Rita & Jo Thompson Video

Little Red Book Dee Musk Video

When Winnie Yu (Dance Pooh) Video

Stick Like Glue Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen Video

A Wonderful Christmas Juliet Lam Video

Go Strait Darren Bailey Video

Uptown Funk AB Debbie Hogg Video

Charlie's Cha Gloria Stone Video

Yes Sir, That's My Baby Lorraine Kurtela Video

Simply Mambo Val Myers & Deana Randle Video

Lipstick, Powder And Paint Stephen & Claire Rutter Video

Please Yourselves (P) Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer Video

The Galway Gathering Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly Video

Wrapped Inside Your Love Amy Christian Video

Long Shot Maria Hennings Hunt Video

We Only Live Once Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen Video

All About That Bass Gail A. Dawson Video

Carters Rock - The Way That You Love Me Kirsthen Hansen & Anna Korsgaard Video

Play It Again Scott Nolan & Dee Blansett Video

Little Wagon Wheel Gaye Teather Video

Hoot And Howl Rene and Reg Mileham Video

Your Body Beautiful Roz Chaplin Video

Driving In A Fast Lane Speedy C Video

Hey! How Ya Doing Amy Christian Video

AB Blurred Lines Nat D (Natalie Davids) Video

Nightclub Baby Nightclub Michele Burton Video

Cotton Eye Joe Mixer unknown Video

Going Down Jane Middleton & Ian Scowcroft Video

Rita's Waltz Jo Thompson Szymanski Video

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Ira Weisburd Video

Step Off Frank Trace Video

Summer Celebration Ira Weisburd Video

My Boogie Shoes Rosalee Musgrave Video

Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee Video

Butterfly Angels H. Guix Video

Ah Si! Rita Masur Video

Moment In Time Dee Musk Video

EZ Hands Up Winnie Yu (Dance Pooh) Video

Bosa Nova (Beginner Style) Irene Groundwater Video

Swing Baby Swing Amy Christian Video

Skinny Genes Patricia E. & Lizzie Stott Video

Mamma Maria Frank Trace Video

Puttin' On The Ritz Jo Thompson Szymanski & R.Thompson Video

Disco Cindi Talbot Video

Sunshine Barbara Lowe Video

Flobie Slide Flo Cook Video

A 1 Rose Grimmer Video